Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Young and Inspired....the beginning

We spend a lot of time learning about the past, about people who have been, things that have already occured. They say we study history so that we can learn from it, but we never do. Maybe our approach needs to be reanalyzed. Could it be possible that we spend way too much of our time trying to dig up the dead? Don't get me wrong I believe that understanding history is important, it helps us to understand where we came from, but does it really help us understand where we are going? We don't need to build a time machine to meet J.S. Bach or Marilyn Monroe or Albert Einstein or Jim Morrison or Oscar Wilde. We simply need to open our eyes. They're walking around the streets of Los Angeles. They're renting studios in New York City. The world is their's. They are creating and expanding. They are today and tomorrow and they are trapped behind the shadow of yesterday's heroes. From fashion to music to art to cuisine to science to literature. The talent is out there and I aim to make it the focus of our studies. They will be heard. They are young and they are inspired.

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