Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jorge Manuel Leyva

The most amazing part about building relationships with people is being able to take away something from that connection that adds to who you are as a whole. I have had the extreme pleasure of being close friends with Jorge for the passed five or six years and there was never a doubt in my mind that he is an artist. He didn't choose to be necessarily, it chose him. From the way his room is decorated, to his own personal writings, to his vibrant sense of humor Jorge is inspired as well as inspiring in every way. He has been such a inspiration to my life and especially to my writing. If you know Jorge, you know that he is the type of guy that has everyone smiling; he's got the whole room in hysterics. Jorge's relaxed demeanor shows his appreciation for the "sweet" and "simple" of life. However, the most interesting thing about Jorge is the darkness and desperation of his work. His art is anything but simple. It is witty, and angry, it is confused, and terrifying. But anything that exists in the art already existed in the man.

                               Photography and art: Jorge Leyva Model: Gianna Petro

The Young and Inspired: What inspires you most?

Jorge Leyva: Music definitely, every time I hear a song of any genre that makes you stop and think, that's what makes me want to write. My favorite forms of writing are lyrics, the ones that tell stories and with the rhythm of the music along with it, it just makes me want to move physically and mentally.

TYAI: Where do you get your inspiration?

JL: I get my inspiration from life situations, sometimes when a friend tells me a problem or something going on in their lives, I try to picture it in my head and I try to describe what's going on from my point of view.

"Can your words step forward, and make a difference?
Can they be held up and observed?
Not like all the rest that just pass or fall to the floor.
Make up your mind just so they can take it apart
Fasten your logic, release your imagination, and hold onto your heart.
Don't be afraid to get caught in the storm, sink your ship before you drop anchor.
Stay on the prowl for their attention.
ready to take it, abduct it.
Strip your focus down to me.
I'm a pirate foaming from the mouth as i speak my mind.
I'm a widower at a wedding eating his heart out.
"Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?"
Yea right, I feel more crowded in an empty room.
alone, abandoned, left for dead
I slander what most compliment.
My imagination will be the death of me.
Do your words make it out alive, or do they melt in your mouth?
Leaving you that stale taste of "what if.."
Do your words usually make you choke,
or do you tend to puff on them like smoke?
Blowing O's over the "wouldn't you like to know's" and the what's and the how's and the when's and the where's.
Turning them to stone, hoping everybody stares.
Jaws wide open until they hit the floor, some inside out.
My rush, my high.
This is the sick feeling that I'm talking about."
           - Original work by Jorge Manuel Leyva

TYAI: Explain what you experience when you're writing/drawing?

JL: When I'm drawing I'm completely relaxed. It comes so naturally and when I see the end result I sometimes wonder what the hell is going on in my head haha. I start off with a doodle of an eye or whatever and it just takes its own shape. When I write though, I have to put a little more thought into it because I want it to be intense. I want to describe everything and I sometimes have to decide what to keep and what to scrap. I have to take breaks at times because I get writers block but in the end the result is always rewarding.

TYAI: Does inspiration come easy to you?

JL: Its about a 50/50, sometimes I want to create something amazing (writing/drawing) and I'm just stuck but as soon as I get going, there's no stopping it. I can't stop thinking, even if I'm not working on it, I'm creating things in my head as I go through my day. That's my favorite feeling.

TYAI: Do you believe art can change the world?

JL: No, I don't think it can change the world but it makes it a lot more fun. Art has been around for many many years and it hasn't changed the world yet but it makes everything a lot more interesting.
I love how simple, yet complex it is . Mindfuck me? Yes please! Haha

"with a pen i can give this empty page some scars
theres a method in my madness
theres a woman who can’t cast a shadow…
she lays out by the beach waiting for the world to wash her off shore, onto her next life.. 
keeping the great whites at bay
sit and wait for the days to decay, holding hell in a hand basket
the look that she gave always seemed to go skin deep
with her smile in a clutch..
you have no idea
theres a boy with a cavity in his brain..
overdosing on sweets hoping to one day go insane
he is at loose ends and has nobody left to blame
looking up at the clouds with his eyes put away
we all seem to be tired of familiar faces..
cheers to the city that never changes..
i was right along."
-Original work by Jorge Manuel Leyva

TYAI: What is the purpose of your art?

JL: It doesn't really have a purpose, my art is just something I can bring to the table. If you like it that's great if not than send it right back. I create things because I enjoy it and if I have people who I can enjoy it with than that's always a plus but I don't create with a purpose. I just create what I would like to see, that I havent seen yet. If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.

TYAI: What do you want it to say?

JL: "What the fuck are you lookin at?"

Need a little more devastation? Need a little more fascination? Get more of Jorge on his tumblr

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